Win Golf Refugees Black Golf Balls

Win Golf Refugees Black Golf Balls
Win Golf Refugees Black Golf Balls

Golf Refugees launched the original black golf ball way before Nike.

The idea behind the black golf ball created by Golf Refugees, came from a conversation with a leading golf ball engineer at Titleist. If you can increase the temperature of a golf ball’s core materials extra performance can be obtained.

The original black golf ball is designed to perform in hot, sunny conditions, It is more visible in the air, but less visible on the ground. Larger than normal Golf Refugees ‘ white’ graphics are printed onto the black ball during manufacture to increase visibility on the ground.

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Please Note: This competition has now closed

Enter our Free Competition to be one of 5 lucky winners who will each win a sleeve of 3 Golf Refugees original black golf balls.

To enter the competition all you need to do is correctly answer the following question:

Who made the ORIGINAL black golf ball?

Send your entries to with Buzzin Golf Refugees Competition in the subject line with your answer and your full address and contact telephone number.

The Buzzin Golf Free Competition ends on 31 December, 2008. The editor will randomly choose 5 winners. Each will receive a a sleeve of 3 cool looking black golf balls from Golf Refugees.

Prizes will be sent out before the end of January.

The editor’s choice is final.

4 thoughts on “Win Golf Refugees Black Golf Balls”

  1. Wow! What a simple idea, right? Changing the color of the golf ball can increase performance by heating the core! Its genius really, now for the golf refugees controversy….I like the logo but I’ve never heard of them. If you are looking for color, take a black mini golf ball. If you are looking for quality, go for trusted brand.

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