The new Nike SQ Dymo STR8-FIT driver

The new revolutionary Nike SQ Dymo Driver
The new revolutionary Nike SQ Dymo Driver

The new Nike SQ Dymo STR8-FIT driver is more revolutionary than its predecessor, the Nike SUMO, and
will replace the SUMO range when it is released, this month; and I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

The new Nike Dymo driver has an adjustable head with an amazing eight settings that can change the club to give a choice of up to 2 degrees closed or 2 degrees open, giving golfers of all abilities a wider choice than any other driver out there.

The Nike SQ Dymo STR8-FIT driver also offers the golfer different lie angles to offer golfers of different heights a better setup.

The Dymo (which stands for Dynamic Moment of Inertia) will replace the SUMO range, which a couple of years ago was revolutionary.  Read more on the Dymo Driver.

The standard Nike SQ Dymo drivers will retail at £250 and should be on sale this month.

For further details on all the options and the entire 2009 Nike Golf range, please visit

3 thoughts on “The new Nike SQ Dymo STR8-FIT driver”

  1. You had me excited about the price until I realized what the exchange rate was between pounds and dollars. I’ll have to take another look at my golf club budget to see what I can do.


  2. I like the idea, but it knid of takes something away from the game by being able to change the head of the club, this game has changed so much already

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