Sandy Lyle upset over Ryder Cup captaincy snub

Sandy Lyle says he feels let down by the European tour after missing out on the captaincy for the next Ryder Cup. Lyle cannot understand why he has been overlooked and is frustrated by the appointment of Colin Montgomerie to lead the European team at Celtic Manor in 2010.

“I’ve not been as far forward at self-promoting as some players we know can be,” said Lyle, “I’m still mystified why they haven’t pin-pointed any sort of qualities I’m lacking. I’d like to know.”

“I think George O’Grady probably could’ve supported me a bit more and made them realise how much I had done behind the scenes in supporting the European Tour for what they have now, which is a world tour. I would’ve given it a damn good shot and have some respect from the players.”

While being careful not to direct his anger at Montgomerie, Lyle could not resist having a dig at his rival, saying; “Monty’s got a lot of work. I think he didn’t realise how much commitment was involved to be the Ryder Cup captain. He has always been a player in the Ryder Cup, so it’s a whole new ball game for him now and the microscope will be on him all the time and I hope he chooses well.”

Lyle is tipped to succeed Montgomerie as Ryder Cup captain in 2012.

2 thoughts on “Sandy Lyle upset over Ryder Cup captaincy snub”

  1. Tell Sandy to lift himself above his disappointment…I hope he will have the opportunity in the future…just go out and play your best. You have made many people proud of your achievements and I believe you will in the future.

  2. After his most recent outburst I regret to say that Sandy Lyle has shown himself to be unsuitable for any future consideration as Ryder Cup captain – even for a fellow Scot he really has an enormous chip on his shoulder and should learn to keep his mouth firmly shut if all he can do is moan!

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