Richard Finch falls into water at the Irish Open

Here’s the moment when Richard Finch kept his nerve and placed the ball on th green with a prefect third shot, only to lose his footing as the momentum of his swing took him into the river! You never know what is going to happen on these golf courses don’t you!

It has become tradition at some golf tournaments to jump into the water after the win.  But this is the first time I can remember the winner of a golf event jumping into the water with two shots remaining!


1 thought on “Richard Finch falls into water at the Irish Open”

  1. It seems the aquaman, Woody Austin has spawned a legion of fans who willfully take part in the act to drench themselves in the water body for the fairway and god bless these guys for that. We are tired off seeing players taking a drop and playing it safe. There is nothing more endearing for the crowd than to see a player get into a really tough situation just to try and play a shot. People just seem to immediately take a liking to the player and when you are comfortably leading the tournament and suddenly you find a great number of people willing you on to win, I guess there is no better remedy than that to get rid of the butterflies on your walk up to the 18th green.

    But leave aside the swim the swim, this victory should do Richard Finch a lot of good and a second win this season is obviously a big boost. Considering the fact that he just managed to hold on to his card with a tied 7th in the Mallorca Classic, two wins in a season means this 30 year old is all set to make a name for himself in the golfing world

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