Wii Golf Game – We Love Golf

Nintendo Wii Games Console - We Love GolfComputer games company, Capcom has announced the Japanese release date for a new golf game, We Love Golf, for December 13th. I’m not sure it will be for the more serious games player, nor be too much of a head-on threat to EA Sports and their best selling Nintendo Wii game Tiger Woods 2007 and the, not so improved, Tiger woods 2008.  But looking at the pre-released screenshots for We Love Golf, it looks like more family Christmas fun will be had this year!

This comes at a time when Nintendo are nearing the release of the new golf game from Mario Golf.  It’s great having kids. Firstly, I make them believe they are very lucky to have a Wii console at all, then I faked surprise when they weren’t overly excited about unwrapping Tiger Woods 2007 last Christmas; and now I can buy an import of We Love Golf and tell them how lucky they will be this Chrsitmas to play this new import before all their friends!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Don’t play golf if you’re too old!

A man too old to be playing golfReading an article by Dan Jenkins on the Golf Digest website today annoyed me enough to want to write this blog. An old timer complaining about the problems he has bending over to mark his ball, not being able to put on his golf shoes and grippes about “today’s modern, magical, nuclear-advanced equipment” as if this makes golf easier to play than when he was a young man!

If you’re too old to put your shoes on and bend over to pick up your play, then you’re too old to play golf! Do everyone a favour, stop harping back to the good old days when everyone used hickory sticks and looked like upper class twits and stay in doors and watch reruns of Star Trek – the original series.

I’ve been caught behind several four balls who have alot in common with this guy; and though part of my enjoyment of the game is the fresh air and exercise, I also want those in front of me to move on briskly, not to stop at every bush for a piss and chat about the war when they should be clearing the greens!

Will anyone sign my petition to ban old people from golf courses?

Ernie Els wins the World Match Play at Wentworth

Ernie els wins match playErnie Els wins the World Match Play title by beating Argentina’s Angel Cabrera in the final at Wentworth.

The victory for Ernie Els brings his total prize money for this year up to £1m.  Furthermore, he is on top of the European Order of Merit.

Ireland’s Padraig Harrington and England’s Justin Rose, now second and third respectively in the European Order of Merit, still have tournaments to play, but Els dosen’t.  So both will be looking to knowck him off the number 1 spot.

Rory McIlroy comes fourth in Madrid Open

Rory McIlroyRory McIlroy finished fourth today with a final round of 70 in the Madrid Open.

The 18-year-old from Northern Ireland finished on 11 under par in only his third event as a professional, and was hoping to become the youngest winner in European Tour history to win an Open.

McIlroy played some sublime golf and is definitely destined for bigger things in the not too distant future. McIlroy can still become the youngest European Open winner when he competes in the Portugal Masters.