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Tacky golf Christmas presents

Terry Lane - Monday 29.10.07, 22:13pm

Golf Christmas presentsChristmas is coming and the worst thing you can do is let your extended family know you are now obsessed with golf!

Armed with this information you can place a golf bet they are going to replace disgusting socks and whacky unwearable cartoon character ties with tacky, cheap throw away golf gear, aids, books and memorabilia.

Whether from Poundland, SportsWorld or the market what is it with people who cannot grasp the concept that you cannot buy Callaway, Ping, Cutter & Buck or Galvin Green from the same places that sell crap!

Furthermore, its even worse knowing they have wasted £15 on a box of Donnay golf balls because ‘they look the same’ as Pro V1’s or relations caring enough to spend out on a pair of golf shoes. But as you open the wrapping paper as carefully as possible, you see the word Dunlop when you will only wear Footjoys.

Yes, I know its the thought that counts. But if they are only going to think that much, then I’d rather recieve gift vouchers.

Unless they know the difference between Callaway, Taylor Made, Ping with Dunlop and Donnay then you will have to keep your mouth shut and hope for the best or tell them straight up. Golf is not just the swing, it’s the fashion, the labels and the style. Digg Technorati Blinklist Furl Reddit
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  • 1 Alex Nicolson // Aug 15, 2008 at 10:21 am

    Agreed. We are a specialist retailer in Galvin Green clothing and waterproofs, but we find that most of our customers know the difference and recognise that you get what you pay for. Shameless plug but if you visit you can find out more about why Galvin leads the industry for performance golf clothing.

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