Nick Faldo keen on second Ryder Cup chance

Nick Faldo has revealed that he would love another opportunity to captain Europe’s Ryder Cup team. Under his leadership, the European team lost for the first time since 1999 earlier this year, but the Englishman says that he would happily ‘do it again’.

Nick Faldo’s team were quite comfortable losers to an American side captained by Paul Azinger as they went down 16.5 – 11.5 in Valhalla. During and after the tournament, Nick Faldo received lots of criticism for the way he handled being in such an important role.

Despite this though, the 51-year-old wouldn’t hesitate to accept the role once more should it come his way, saying that ‘the buzz’ of being in the team room was something he considered ‘really special’.

I guess that this is no real surprise really, Nick Faldo does has been heavily involved in the Ryder Cup over his career as a professional golfer and perhaps he isn’t ready to let it go quite yet. He admits that he ‘loved every minute’, after all.

The golf odds probably won’t favour Nick Faldo retaining the captaincy though. It is quite rare that someone stays on in the role two years later, especially after a defeat that received heavy criticism in the press.

There is part of me that thinks Nick Faldo would do a lot, lot better should he for fill the position once again. It was argued that he was out of his depth in such a high-profile role and this may have been the case. However, he would have learnt so many lessons from his mistakes. Maybe he would come back fighting with an improved strategy?

This whole situation is probably not going to go any further than speculation in all honesty. I just can’t see it happening. Yes, it is encouraging that he is keen on continuing in the role, but if he had said ‘no, don’t fancy it’, he would have been admitting some wrong doing last time around and this isn’t something Nick Faldo likes to do.

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  1. I personally think he should have another crack of the whip he so wishes. If the European big guns had played to their potential and had Faldo brought the Cup back he would have been hailed a hero. Don’t forget the British Press have been slagging off Faldo years and the powers that be should not let that influence their decision to appoint him for another term.

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