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Cutters Golf Glove - Humid

New Cutters Golf GlovesCutters are an American company that have made their name and built their reputation by producing top quality professional gloves for baseball and American Football.

Now they have used their expertise and quality designs to create a range of golf gloves.

The gloves are made from a combination of re-engineered ultra thin C-TACKTM performance grip material and premium Grade A Cabretta leather which gives the glove a very soft, comfortable feel with an exceptionally strong grip.

The C-TACKTM grip is placed on the thumb and three finger tips, as well as to the side of the palm to allow for perfect slip-free grip for all types of golf swing. Getting used to the glove I realised how this helped me hold the club with less muscle tension.

Cutters Golf Glove - palm side grip

This is a great improvement for someone relatively new to the game like myself, though would be as useful to a seasoned pro.

The Cutters Golf Gloves comes in two designs – Tour (left) and Humid (below).

I have used the C-TACKTM Humid over the past couple of weeks and found the grip to be excellent.

The back of the Humid glove is made of a breathable, lightweight material that, with the well positioned air holes, allowed my hand to breathe more readily and reduce a sweaty palm. This helped my game and was more comfortable on the hottest days.

The only difference between the design of the palms of the two glove design is the Humid Glove comes with an extra line of perspiration holes.

The C-TACKTM Humid comes in a choice of grey or orange.

The gloves are currently not stocked by UK retailers but can be bought direct from the Cutters website.

I would certainly recommend this glove as a major breakthrough because of the quality of the grip that it offers without compromises at all on the perfect fit, comfortable feel or durability of a golf glove.

Try one & let us know how you get on.


2 thoughts on “New Cutters Golf Gloves”

  1. Bought one of these at the London Golf Show

    Absolutely Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!! Grip is amazing

  2. These gloves can be bought via EP Sports who are a UK based company that already import American Football gloves from Cutters on a regular basis.

    Contact EP Sports to order.

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