John Daly banned Maxfli advert

Yesterday’s post reminded someone of the US tv Maxfli advert, Go Long and Go Home, which was apparently banned as it shows the maverick John Daly drinking – there’s a shock!

This is a great advert with John Daly showing he’s not a bad country rock star either; and checkout the buggy maneouvres, reminiscent of the Jackass Movie.



2 thoughts on “John Daly banned Maxfli advert”

  1. Love John Daly!!

    A true man of the people.

    I can’t believe how many people you hear having a go at him for this, that or the other. The guy is a legend, and although he maybe hasn’t won as much as he could have, his record is still the envy of MOST pros.

    Glad the Advert shows him as a rock star; he is seriosuly talented. His ‘autobiographical’ album “My Life,” featuring guest performances by Darius Rucker, Willie Nelson, Johnny Lee and Daron Norwood is superb!

    Don’t let ’em knock you John..!

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