Improve Your Putting #3

Once you are confident your putting technique includes a good follow through then you may need to concentrate more on your accuracy.  This is an excellent tip to cure putting accuracy caused by too much backswing.

Improve Your Putting

I have read, for an accurate putt you need to swing your putter one-third in the backswing and two-thirds forward.  This will give your stroke a smooth, positive swing motion.  But to make sure you are not pulling the puuter too far back, or losing the line, place a 5p coin on the back of the putter blade.  Unfortunately this putting exercise doesn’t work as well with two-ball putters.

To gauge the right distance and smoothness when pulling the putter back, the 5p coin should remain on the back of the putter, and only slip off as the the putter connects with the ball or in the follow through.

Try it, it’s not as simple as it sounds.  Furthermore, I saw a real improvement in my putting when I was able to manage the length and steadiness of  my backswing and follow-thorugh.

3 thoughts on “Improve Your Putting #3”

  1. You know, after being a golfer for 15 plus years, this is probably the most practical, inexpensive, and effective drill I have come across when gauging my putter stroke speed/rhythm. Thank you for offering this and I am glad I came across it!


  2. Another great tip that I use is to rest a club on the head of tee just inches infront of my ball. The trick is to hit the ball without knocking the club off the tee

  3. What happened to PRACTICE? For example…The putting stroke is about feel and control of direction and speed. You can make putters as “scientifically correct” as possible but effective putting comes down to the golfer controlling the distance and direction of their putts.
    The best advice I can give a golfer is to get a PRO TOUR CARD ( This is the most practicle and effective putting aid I have ever seen. You can put it in your pocket and use it at home, the office or on the nearest practice green. The PRO TOUR CARD improved my putting and other areas of my game by providing instant visual feedback about the key elements of my putting stroke and golf swing. You can visit their website and take a look at some of the drills. Oh yea, the best thing is that it only cost me $20. Take care and PRACTICE YOUR PUTTING! – Joe Bauer

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