How to Survive the Golf-Unfriendly Weather

Fall is here. The golf season is almost over – soon the weather will not allow us to do anything else but to walk on the rainy streets or sip on a good cup of tea by the fire. When there is no way to go out and play our favorite games we have to find an alternative to our outings in the green. Here are a few tips on how you can spend a few valuable hours inside while waiting for the golf season to begin.

One way to keep your spirits high when you can’t go out to play is by playing video games.

Electronic Arts is the game publisher with possibly the biggest coverage of sports. The publisher’s Rory McIlroy PGA Tour, available through the Xbox Live store or the PlayStation Store, takes its players to some of the most popular golf courses of the world. But those who have no desire to try out real life courses can also try their skill in fantasy settings that are unique. The game also boosts the fun of it by adding a series of challenges through its new Night Club feature.

But these games will not satisfy some of the truly passionate players. These players – I have some friends who are like this – consider video games to be just an unworthy substitute for the real thing, so when the golf season ends, they like to kill their time with other activities. A hobby preferred by a surprisingly high number of my golfer friends is playing the world class casino tournaments Royal Vegas has to offer.

The games available at the Royal Vegas offer something unique – you can play them on many platforms. In full season you can take them with you on the golf course, using your smartphone, and play on while your mates drive around in the golf cart getting to the next hole. You can engage in an exciting tournament while you wait for your turn. And you can kill time playing one of the hundreds of games the Royal Vegas has to offer while waiting for the weather to allow you to put on your golf shoes and go out playing once again.

Whichever your choice would be to fill the empty hours until late march, when you can once again take a swing outdoors, know this – fall passes quickly, winter goes by, and the new season will begin sooner than you can imagine. Keep your clubs tidy and your shoes in a good condition – you will need them once again, maybe sooner than you can imagine.

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