GolfGym Weighted Club Improves Your Golf Swing

GolfGym Weighted Training Club
GolfGym Weighted Training Club

Over the past year three PGA Professionals have analysed my golf swing and given me the same critique.  The backswing is, apparently, pretty good.  But like many amateur golfers I have a tendency not to follow right through the ball in a straight swing; and as a result if I’m not careful, my driver shots can be affected by a fade.

Attempting to train myself to swing true, I was told to place two clubs together and swing them several times.  It sounds simple but works.  The weight of the clubs helps to keep my forward swing inline and complete.

The problem with placing two clubs together is you cannot hold the clubs with a proper grip.  I thanked the Pro who recommended this to me last year and was surprised that, as far as he was aware, a manufacturer hadn’t produced a heavy club, as he said this was a tried and tested technique.

Well now GolfGym, a golf fitness company based in California, have produced a weighted club, and it works a treat!

The GolfGym Weighted Training Club comes in two weights: Club 38 weighs 38oz. (2.4 lbs) and Club 28 weighs 28oz. (1.75 lbs).

The GolfGym Weighted Training Club design distributes the weight to perfectly match a standard golf club, with half the total weight in the bottom third of the club.  The added weight increases flexibility and balance; and the weight of the club forces you to keep on the correct swing plane.

In much the same way as the excellent Explainar golf training aid forces you to follow the correct swing plane through a heavy weight system, the GolfGym Weighted Training Club works perfectly for me.  The only difference is the weighted club is portable and fits in my golf bag.  The Explainar is big, expensive and even though I could buy a portable version to fit in the boot of my car, it’s hardly practical to use as part of my warm up on the first tee!

The GolfGym Weighted Training Club comes with a  left or right hand grip that forces your grip, which I’m not overly keen on to be honest.  But that aside, I really can’t praise this golf training aid enough.

It includes a training DVD showing exercises well respected bio-mechanics golf coach Joey D employs with the five PGA Tour Pros he is currently working with.

The Weighted Training Club is part of a complete range of golf training aids from GolfGym and PGA Tour Coach, Joey D. GolfGym has just announced that the Joey D Signature Series is now being shipped globally.

The GolfGym Weighted Training Club costs $59.95

5 thoughts on “GolfGym Weighted Club Improves Your Golf Swing”

  1. I’ve actually owned a Golf Gym weighted club for years and have heard of Joey Diovisalvi through the Tour pros he works with, most notably Vijay, who he was with for several years. Joey is the real-deal and he’s like a drill sergeant with his plays, whipping them all into shape. Just look at the leaderbord. First Vijay and now guys like Pat Perez, Jason Gore, Charlie Wi and Ryuji Imada are all scoring better after working with him.

    Check out the weighted club. It’s legit.

  2. I had never heard of the Golf gym until reading your article. I will have to look into it and if is as good as it sounds perhaps I will feature it on my blog.


  3. Weighted clubs are great for getting you on the right swing plane – I own a momentus version myself.

    BUT, they don’t really help develop the golf strength that will help you hit the ball further. Once you have swung the club up, gravity tends to do the rest!

    Golf strength is a critical component of hitting the ball further. I found a product that seems to develop the right golfing muscles. It uses the classic weight training model, but is specifically designed for golfers.

    Check it out at I bought one, and I have to say it was easy to install and I no longer need to go the gym for hours.

    The product allows me to swing like I am swinging a golf club, but is attached to weights so I am using all of the golfing muscles in one movement. I like to think it has added some yardage to my drives!

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