Golf Tips – How to hit a tee shot into the wind

There are plenty of books on how to play certain golf tips or shots, but I find the next best thing to having a one-to-one lesson is watching a video or DVD as you can actually see the movement and swing.

This morning I watched a short golf instruction video of David Leadbetter on The Golf Channel explaining how to hit a tee shot into the wind, a tip that will certainly come in useful here in the UK in January!

Whether you are playing directly into the wind or you are battling a vicious cross wind, Leadbetter’s golf tip is the same.

Drop your grip two or three inches down the shaft.  This will restrict the arch of your swing and keep the loft down through impact.  By doing so the ball will travel at a much lower trajectory and therefore not get caught up in the wind.

1 thought on “Golf Tips – How to hit a tee shot into the wind”

  1. Tried this today as we were having some strong winds out on the course.

    Got to say it did take me by suprise how much more accurate my play was.

    TOP TIP for those winter days!!

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