Drivers banned from competition

As from 1st January a long list of drivers were banned from competiton following the new laws governing driver design, though you can still use them for social use.

This is not such a big problem for someone like myself.  I only started playing last year and am still not playing to a handicap, so currently not looking to add my name to any golf club competitions. In fact the ban helped me!

Golf News stated that a recent survey showed 75% of golf club golfers knew whether their driver would be deemed illegal or not; and so the second-hand market became awash with good quality drivers.  I picked up a left-handed Taylor Made BurneR 860 in excellent condition on ebay last November for a measly £26!

I will be aiming to join a golf club and play to a handicap this year, and if all goes well may even consider entering a competition or two, but£26 including postage & packingstills seems like a bargain.  The Taylor Made Burner is awesome and so much more forgiving and accurate to use than my very cheap Wilson Firestick which I bought new this time last year for £30.

The banned list of so-called ‘hot face’ drivers include the Callaway ERC II and the Big Bertha II, Taylor Made r7 Quad Max and all 300 series drivers with an ‘R’ on the front.  Cobra 414 & 454 are listed, as are Titleist drivers with the ‘H-Cr’ logo stamped on the clubface toe.

For the complete list of banned drivers and the new rules regarding the ban, visit

2 thoughts on “Drivers banned from competition”

  1. Hi im exactly the same ive played golf for a year and dont have a handicap and ive just picked up a driver that is banned, but i will still usr this driver for social use as i have not played in any comps as such.

  2. How in gods name will any club be able to check if a club player is using a banned driver mine is supposed to be by the USPGA I play in a modest club in Europe how will they be able to check everone who plays it is a farce can we not just play they are aready messing about with grooves on the wedges,yet more money for the club makers,give us a break and stop messing about withe so called allowed list

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