What to expect in golf for 2012

With the golfing tours and tournaments of 2012 firmly on the way, along with the European Championships and The Olympics; there’s more balls flying through the air on our televisions this year than any other time in recent history; taking in an eyeful from the television of all the fashions and trends of the golfing world is a great way to keep yourself updated with the sensibilities of the sport.

Quite often, people are put off golf because they feel that it is expensive or particularly unfashionable. The truth however, is quite different indeed. Golf clothes from Direct Golf for example can be particularly cheap as they monitor their prices on a day-to-day basis.  Of course, if you are new to the sport and would like to give it a go yourself; starting up can be cheaper than you think as most golf clubs offer hourly training sessions without the expensive membership fees. If you’re not into being coached however, you can always step foot onto one of many golfing ranges where you are able to perfect your stroke in your own time and relax as you tone your skills.

Once that you feel you have toned your skills and are ready to step onto the green, there’s nothing quite like getting out there and taking in the fresh air. But what however, are you to wear? Although rules have gradually relaxed, there are dress codes within golf clubs that must be respected. If you are unsure what to wear exactly, here’s a quick round up of what a couple of the professionals have been wearing in 2012.

Rickie Fowler
Although a youngling within the professional golfing sphere, the fresh Californian has been making waves in the touring world, with both his style of play and attire. After coming tied fifth in The Open Championship of 2011 and winning the Kolon Korean Open by a margin of six strokes, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to the young man who will one day contend with the greats.

Taking a look at Fowler’s attire throughout that last few years, you will find a spectacular palate of neon and matching colours to which even parrots may find attractive. Often seen in brightly coloured matching Puma clothes and caps, it is not hard to spot the 2010 PGA Tour Rookie of The Year.

What you wear on a golf course quite often states to other players just what your playing ethos is, and if you wear clothes in the same style of Mr. Fowler, although it may be fun; you might not be taken quite a seriously as you would have hoped.

Webb Simpson
On the other hand of the clothing spectrum however, you may find  Webb Simpson who, besides winning two 2011 PGA Tour Championships, is a dedicated follower of Ralph Lauren.

After turning professional in the summer of 2008, Simpson had quite an enjoyable first year in the sport with four top 10 finishes and retained his tour card of 2009, ranking 70th on the money list. Simpson also had a very successful 2011 season after winning the Wyndham Championship in North Carolina and the Deutsche Bank Championship in Massachusetts; potting him a total of roughly $2.3 million.

Webb Simpson signed with Ralph Lauren for a multi-year sponsorship deal in 2010 and has been their ambassador ever since. Taking a look through some of the images circling the web, you will find that Simpson is quite possibly the epitome of what the stylish modern golfer encompasses.

Taking into account the attire of Webb Simpson may be all very well and good in regards of what golf clothing to wear; but of course, not everyone can afford the wonders of Ralph Lauren, and if you are up for a bit of fun, Rickie Fowler may just be the fashion guru for you.