Indoor Golf Simulators Help through the Cold Winter Months

With extreme weather conditions over the past few weeks, keen golfers satisfy their thirst to play golf while practising their armoury of shots at driving ranges up and down the country. But driving ranges can be run-down, cold and miserable places.

A few years ago while on a family holiday at Center Parcs, I first encountered a golf simulator.  Playing shots into a large screen projecting a selection of the most famous courses in the world, we spent a couple of, not too serious, hours hitting balls all over the famous Gleneagles course.  But golf simulators can also be used in a more serious capacity to improve the game of any keen amateur golfer. No need for bobble hats and gloves. Golfers can stay indoors in the warm, away from the snow and ice.

Close to my local golf course in Gillingham Kent is the sports and social club 44Two run by two former Gillingham professional footballers Nicky Southall & Andy Hessenthaler. They have recently had the foresight to transform one of the squash courts into a golf simulator capsule.

The new Sports Coach System golf simulator at the 44Two Sports & Social Club in Gillingham, Kent.
The new Sports Coach System golf simulator at 44Two in Gillingham, Kent.

The Sports Coach System is rigged up in what can be best described as an open faced tent, complete with audio, lights, cameras and a heater to boot!

The golf simulator not only allows you to pit your wits around a library of world class courses such as Wentworth, Celtic Manor, Valhalla and Pebble Beach but can also be used in various practise modes such as driving range and putting greens.

Various competitions can also be included, just like a real day out, including ‘nearest the pin’ and ‘longest drive’. But a round of golf is the best way to enjoy this amazing software. Choosing the course you wish to play is just the start.  Courses are recommended for beginners through to experts depending on difficulty levels.  But who can resist a round at Pebble Beach?

Before the first swing you will need to go through a series of easy-to-follow steps to set up each player as right or left-handed, player handicaps and the type of game.  Furthermore, you can set the weather condition to sunny, wet, windy or randomise.

As a two-ball, we managed to complete the front nine holes within an hour  So booking two hours for a two-ball round of golf should give you plenty of time, as we took at least ten minutes getting into the swing of things – pardon the pun!

Player details & history can be saved.  So returning players do not have to add their details again, and games can be split over several sessions if so desired. The golf simulator is amazingly accurate.  If you push or pull your shots out on the golf course then the Sports Coach System golf simulator will give an accurate simulation.  The only issue I would raise is the putting. It takes a little getting used to calculating the strength of each shot, especially where inclines and declines of the greens are concerned as you need to take into consideration the length of shot to screen as well as screen to hole.

The new Sports Coach System golf simulator at the 44Two sports & social club costs £20 per hour.  The only warning I would give is that this is so good, you will want to play over and again.

To book the new Sports Coach System golf simulator at the 44Two Sport & Social Club in Gillingham, Kent call Nicky or Gary on 01634 388 706 or email


Everyday Golf Coach series launches new Power app

Everyday Golf Coach, the best-selling coaching app for iPad and iPhone has returned with a new app that will help golfers increasetheir power – hitting longer and straighter shots.

Everyday Golf Coach Power follows on from the original comprehensive coaching app that has been downloaded more than 100,000 times worldwide, and takes golfers through the mechanics of power, utilising a comprehensive new coaching package to help them increase their ball striking power.

This new coaching package, provided by the creator of Everyday Golf Coach and pioneering PGA Professional Noel Rousseau, delivers a library of high definition coaching videos as well as a unique interactive SwingSequence feature that combines Rousseau’s coaching insight and clear delivery with the advanced capability of the Apple software to provide the user with a visually outstanding and fun training tool.

Filmed using the latest super slow-motion Phantom HD camera, the Power app gives users a unique insight into the different aspects of the golf swing that enable the professionals to generate extreme swing speed, power and more distance.


The SwingSequence feature covers the key body movements of the golf swing in super slow motion, allowing the user to learn the concept of power and the dynamic relationship between all the moving parts of the golf swing.

“When this is performed in the right sequence it can generate more power and thus create extra distance,” said Noel Rousseau, who regularly features in best-selling golf magazines. “During the SwingSequence, 11 hot spots appear on the model golfer – the user simply taps on a hot spot to view an in-depth coaching video explaining therelevant movement. Alternatively, manual mode allows the user to scroll through the entire swing under the fine control of the swipe of their finger.

“The Phantom camera is so technologically advanced the user can scroll through the swing to reveal every minute detail of the movement in crystal clear definition.”

As with it’s predecessor Rousseau delivers high quality coaching to accompany the videos with comprehensive and easy-to-understand notes, making it clear and simple for every golfer to follow.

As you would expect from a PhD student, Rousseau’s content is well researched. It also contains a fascinating interview with sports scientist Dr Matt Bridge that explains the concept of kinematic sequencing through his presentation ‘The Science of Power’.

Judging by the first reviews on the app store, users have been extremely pleased with what they see and appreciate the honest and personal approach to golf coaching.

Pjlawson said: “Fantastic app. Really clear insights into how to create a powerful swing. The interaction between the library and theswing sequence section is seamless and really impressive to use. The best teaching app out there!”

Steven Terence added: “If you are looking to buy your first golf tuition app then go no further and buy this. If you already have some,delete them all and just use this. Simple, informative and put together verywell. There is no better golf app out there.”

Everyday Golf Coach: Power is available now on iTunes for both iPhone (£3.99) and iPad (£4.99). For further details visit


Trion:Z bracelets designed to balance the body’s magnetic and electrical fields

Rory McIlroy wears Trion:Z bracelet
Rory McIlroy

Look around at any golf club or watch any tournament and you will see both pro or amateur golfers alike sporting wristbands.  This is in part a fashion statement but some bracelets allege to promote non-invasive therapies to help with stress, pain, fatigue, to enhance sporting endurance, exercise and training recovery and to promote general physical performance at any level.

One such popular product is the Trion:Z bracelet which was developed in Japan as a performance and lifestyle product over 10 years ago and has become one of the most famous brands in providing magnetic ionic gear to the global health and fitness arena.

The Trion:Z bracelets are designed to balance the body’s magnetic and electrical fields with the use of patented magnetic ionic technology which is unique to their range.

The use of complimentary health products is becoming more and more prominent worldwide, especially within the professional sports fraternity where we are seeing more and more athletes searching for the extra 1% that could give them that competitive edge; and though the Trion:Z bracelets are worn by sports men and women all over the world, it has become particularly popular with golfers.

Golf professionals who are wear and promote the Trion:Z bracelet include Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler, Brittany Lincicome, Ryo Ishikawa, and Mikko Ilonen.

But how do the Trion:Z bracelets work and what do they do?

Trion:Z products are designed to balance the body’s magnetic and electrical fields through the release of negative ions at a constant rate that is 50-100 times greater than competing products. This makes it one of the most technologically advanced natural health/performance enhancing products on the market. What’s more, 89% of consumers reported that they felt a noticeable difference from Trion:Z products.

For more information visit



Golf SwingAnalyser now available to Smart Phone users

Everyday Golf Coach Mobile App
Everyday Golf Coach Mobile App

Everyday Golf Coach, the leading golf game improvement app, has introduced a free update for Smart Phone users to download its highly acclaimed SwingAnalyser suite.

The SwingAnalyser – previously only available on the iPad’s Everyday Golf Coach HD version – allows users to upload videos of their own swing and compare them to the model professional, European Tour player David Griffiths; alternatively they can upload videos of some of the world’s most famous golfers like Lee Westwood, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.

The upgrade cements Everyday Golf Coach’s place as the complete game improvement app. Golfers can now view the 32 easy-to-follow videos and learn key techniques and principles. They can then put these into practice, filming their own swing on their iPhone before checking their progress in the Analysis Suite, which allows users to view their action at four different speeds, frame by frame aided by a number of graphics.

The app covers all aspects of the game, broken down into seven sections looking at the core fundamentals, the swing, balance and timing, ball flight, putting, chipping and on-course challenges. It boasts a wide range of videos, including tee shots, playing from sloping lies, shots from the rough and an array of short game skills, all created with the philosophy of ‘no gloss, no cheap tips, just an expert package that will ultimately improve your game.’

Experienced Hertfordshire-based PGA professional Noel Rousseau, who designed, produced and presents the app, guides users through the SwingAnalyser, showing them things to look out for through the eyes of the professional.

Noel, a PGA professional for 12 years and accomplished coach who has worked with European Tour players, said: “The SwingAnalyser has been a great success on Everyday Golf Coach HD and I have received a lot of positive feedback from users who have been able to learn from the coaching videos and then compare their swings to golf’s top players.

“Now I want to help Smart Phone users benefit from the analysis suite with a free upgrade so they can view their swing, compare it to the professionals’ and, with the help of the coaching videos, become better players.”

Everyday Golf Coach has been downloaded more than 50,000 times on Apple iTunes since its launch, in March 2010, and both iPhone and iPad versions have consistently received five-star ratings and enjoyed glowing customer reviews on the iTunes App Store.

The imminent release of the next generation iPad is set to enhance Everyday Golf Coach HD even further, with the introduction of a built in camera making it much easier for users to record their swings.

The app can be downloaded to Smart Phones for £3.49 or £3.99 for the iPad version.

For further information visit



GPSCaddy golf app now offers free course maps

GPSCaddy mobile phone app is now free
GPSCaddy mobile phone app

Calton Hill, the Scottish mobile phone application developers, have announced that all golf course maps for their prize-winning GPSCaddy mobile phone app are now free.

GPSCaddy runs on phones that use the Android operating system and won a prize in Google‘s Android Developer Challenge. It was launched on the Android Market at the start of 2010 and quickly established itself as a favourite app for golfers who own Android phones from a wide range of manufacturers including HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

GPSCaddy uses GPS technology to display accurate distances from the phone to the key features of the current hole such as the front, middle and back of the green and hazards such as bunkers etc. Its unique user interface allows you to choose a detailed picture of the complete hole, or the remainder of the hole from the current position, or a close-up of the green and green-side hazards. Or you can choose a text-based display if you prefer.

Calton Hill provide a database containing GPS maps of thousands of golf courses worldwide and create maps of new courses to order for their users at no charge. GPSCaddy also allows users to create or customize the maps themselves using their phone.