The New Revolutionary Tomahawx™ Golf Tees

The New Revolutionary Tomahawx™ Golf Tees

Specifically engineered as a uni-body single component design offering the high performance
characteristics today’s golfer demands.

Mark Schneider has taken an innovative approach by questioning whether a tee would offer a sweeter drive shot, when using in very hard ground, if the bottom of the golf tee was a blade and not a point.

Every tee since it’s conception in 1899 uses a point. Hitherto, golf tee solutions to create the perfect tee shot has focused on the head of the tee. Three prongs, four prongs, bristles, rubber and good old fashioned wooden golf tees all have their fans. But Schneider’s focus on developing his golf tee was at the point of breakage.

The result was the Tomahawx™ golf tees use a quarter-round tapered knife-edge which allows typical vertical insertion but allows the tee to rotate forward horizontally resistance-free at impact.

Mark Schneider explains how the tee works:

“The front face is flat creating a natural point of pivot for the bottom to rotate thru. The tapered knife-edge creates it’s own unique cavity in the ground. Tomahawx™ are very easily inserted vertically just like an ordinary standard tee. But rotate forward horizontally resistance-free.”

Tomahawx™ Golf Tees are currently available in the USA and from

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