The History of Golf Clothes

Unlike the uniform clothing of sports such as tennis and cricket, golf is one sport that combines fashion with function when it comes to playing clothes. Over the years, golf clothing and fashion has evolved from simply clothes that protect the wearer from weather on the course to clothes that offer a personal statement of style as well as individuality. Even with today’s use of technical fabrics such as Gore-Tex, there still remains that all-important element of unique style.

Back in the 1700s and 1800s, golfers played in knee length-breeches which they wore with tail coats, this emphasis on looking smart and playing smart still stands today. During the early 1900s, golf earned the reputation of being a sport for gentlemen, and conservative playing clothes of long trousers, morning jackets and ties were popular playing attire of the Victorian age.

During the two world wars, golfers began experimenting with their golf clothes – it was at this time that a more casual playing look became favourable, with players opting to wear sleeved shirts rather than suit jackets. It was this playing era that the bow tie became a popular accessory.

The focus on casual clothing continued during the 50s and 60s when relaxed khaki trousers and polo shirts became staple golf wear.

The 70s and 80s brought the arrival of golf wear in bright colours and patterns – this period also marked the arrival of the funky golf trousers (patterned, checked or bright trousers that remain popular even today). Leading golfers such as Nick Faldo and Seve Ballesteros led the trend in wearing vibrant colours on the green and golfers around the world followed suit by opting for golf wear such as bright orange sweaters, bold pink socks and eye-catching blue polo shirts.

It was the turn of the 21st century that sports brands started to take focus in golf wear. The world’s most successful golfers are frequently seen wearing brands such as Oscar Jacobson, Callaway, Galvin Green, Nike and Adidas.  While offering comfortable and functional fits and materials, these brands still pay tribute to the golf wear of the past through creating eye-catchingly bright polo shirts, funky golf trousers and even smart golf wear to ensure players always look the part on the course.

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Can Golf Clothing Improve Your Game?

Can Golf Clothing Improve Your Game?

Admittedly, no clothing is going to transform you in to Tiger Woods over night, but great golf clothing can most certainly help enhance your game, giving you the extra edge you need when you’re playing with friends. We take a look at the key pieces you need to invest in to help improve your game.

The Importance of Comfort
First of all, you need to be comfortable on the green. The clothes you wear firstly have to fit perfectly so that they do not effect your swing. Being comfortable, relaxed and confident are key components for a great game of golf – and selecting golf clothing that is comfortable and breathable is key. Many top brands such as Galvin Green, Adidas and Nike have a wide range of trousers, polo’s and jackets designed to provide maximum comfort, stretch and breathability on the green.

Perfect Golf Gloves
One key accessory needed for any keen golfer, is a great pair of golfing gloves. Ensure the gloves fit perfectly, and give you right amount of grip. With too much grip, the club will not pivot as you drive through the ball, and without, it could slip from your fingers, leading to a weak, inaccurate shot. As much as the club itself is important, the gloves give you the ability to use that club up to its full potential. In this way, you could say that they are just as important as the clubs themselves!

Golfing Shoes
Not only is comfortable and stable footwear important for walking, stable footing is extremely important to your performance. Professional golfers take their selection of footwear very seriously, and so should you. Your new golf shoes should give you space to wiggle your toes, feel secure yet give you room for your feet to breathe. Golf shoes should be a little tighter than your day to day shoes, as you will need extra support from your whole body when swinging the club – and if your shoes are too loose this can also cause you to slide or loose stability when swinging the club. For high quality, affordable Golf shoes, Adidas and Nike are favourites with many high profile professionals.

Waterproofs and Outerwear
Unless you are playing golf on the greens of Florida or the south of Spain, weather conditions are never certain. That’s why using technical elements such as breathable and insulating fabrics within golf clothing will allow you maintain and movement while staying protected from whatever the weather may have in store. Invest in lightweight base layers and waterproofs to keep you protected, yet still able to move on the green. Golf clothing specialists Galvin Green have a great range of outerwear perfect for staying warm and protected, plus, looking stylish.

Burlington golf socks can help your game

Burlington Original Argyle golf socks
Burlington Argyle golf socks

Buzzin Golf has previously reviewed golf shoes, highlighting the importance of a soft, well-fitting, flexible golf shoe and emphasised the importance a good shoe brings to your game through quality and comfort. But hitherto I don’t recall any reviews of golf socks!

I see plenty of amateur golfers sporting branded golf shoes only to be paired with an everyday sock.  Of course, if you are wearing suitable golf shoes then your three-and-a-half hour minimum walk around any 18-hole golf course is going to be made all the more enjoyable.  But that’s not necessarily ‘job done’.  For an added spring in your step, consider the quality of your socks.

There are plenty of good quality golf socks available to buy.  But I don’t believe I have ever worn anything quite as soft as Burlington Original Argyle golf socks. The Burlington branded stud is a mark of quality, while the unique Intarsia finish means that there are no ‘lose ends’ inside the sock, ensuring extra comfort.

Furthermore, anyone playing in shorts can stand out from the crowd with a wide selection of bright colour schemes including orange, green, burgundy or hot pink!

Burlington Original Argyle golf socks can equally be worn as a fashion statement on or off the golf course; and wherever you decide to wear them you can be assured the softness and quality will be something you will find hard to beat.

Buy Golf Equipment from Golfonline

If you are looking for a website that offers not only great deals but a fantastic service then look no further. Golfonline has a real passion for the sport and feel that golf is a game that everyone should be involved with. As Europe’s leading online golf store they are able to provide you with a vast range of products for every golf enthusiast. No matter what your experience, age or gender. With a 30,000 square foot warehouse complete with customisation suite, they really have all the tools to offer you the best service at the best price.

The Golfonline website offers some of the best deals on the world’s top golf equipment, offering brands such as Callaway, Titleist, Taylor Made and Nike Golf at prices that can’t be contested. The company motto is going the extra yard and they feel the best way to improve your satisfaction with the game is to bring best in class deals to you.

Alongside spectacular deals Golfonline offer an in depth golf service rarely seen online. They provide as much information as they can on each product, along with detailed descriptions of how each item can benefit your game. They also offer video demonstrations on a vast selection of our products, showing your future purchase in action.

Alongside each of the products you will find highly informative customer reviews, making sure you always make an informed decision. Golfonline also offer a large amount of custom items that can be produced to your specific golf needs. Whether it is a selection of named balls or a named golf bag, they are happy to help.

Golfonline also houses one of the Internet’s largest golf apparel collections. With golf specific items from the biggest names in fashion you really are spoilt for choice no matter what the current trends are.

To make Golfonline your new ‘go to’ site for golf accessories they are currently offering a reward scheme, earning you money off for each item you purchase. To match the stunning deals on offer, Golfonline have also added free delivery on all orders over £25 within the UK.

So if you are looking for the newest driver to give you that extra 10 yards, a customised tee shirt, or you are just looking for a great deal, Golfonline is the Internet’s number one stop for golf supplies.

Galvin Green Spring/ Summer 2013 Collection

There is no shortage of golf clothing available on the market today, but as some brands can generally fall short of that essential combination of style, comfort and performance it is easy to see why golf wear specialists Galvin Green have stood the test of time. Designed by golfers for golfers, the new Spring/ Summer 2013 Galvin Green collection focuses on three core elements: distinctive designs, protection and freedom of movement – demonstrating that looking good and playing well really do go hand in hand.

Galvin Green Blake Gore Windstopper Jacket
Galvin Green Blake Gore Windstopper Jacket

A Swedish brand, Galvin Green has built an edge on its competitors through how their in-house designers and clothing specialists are actually golfers themselves – therefore no one has a better understanding of the requirements and aesthetics of golf clothing.

To create a range of distinctive designs that will set any golfer apart on the course, Galvin Green have incorporated a bold mix of colours which can be seen in their selection of waterproofs as well as in their funky golf trousers. These vibrant pieces can be effortlessly mixed with smart golfing polo shirts as well as golf shorts to build a classic and distinctive playing look every time.

Galvin Green Melvin Golf Shirt
Galvin Green Melvin Golf Shirt

Strong protection has been skilfully implemented by Galvin Green designers through the use of innovative materials such as Gore-Tex®. No one likes to call off a game just because of a spot of rain, and with Galvin Green golf clothing you will not only stay protected from whatever the elements throw at you, you will also remain smart on the course.

Galvin Green Marco Golf Shirt
Galvin Green Marco Golf Shirt

Every golfer knows that well-fitting golf clothing is all about freedom of movement. Galvin Green have incorporated full stretch materials to ensure you get that full freedom of swing – so not only will you look well, you will play well too.

The new season range of Galvin Green golf wear is available to buy online at specialist golf clothing retailers such as Function 18.