Catherine Aitken Golf Shoe Bag

Catherine Aitken Golf Shoe Bag
Catherine Aitken Golf Shoe Bag

Scotland has been in the news for the past few weeks.  Last week it was the referendum for independence and this week it plays host to one of the most exciting sports event of all, as Europe play host to the United States at Gleneagles for the bi-annual Ryder Cup.

All of golf will be focused on three days of excitement as the most difficult and lonely of sports becomes a team game where those fortunate enough to be there will be encouraged to support their team and politely throw banter at the opposition. And so it goes that following the Ryder Cup we are all enthused to have an extra round or two of golf in the hope that we can have a round to be proud of, whether we play for fun or to chip away at a low handicap.

But golf isn’t just about hitting the ball straight or making every shot count.  Everyone makes a choice with the clubs they use, the balls they hit and the shoes they wear. Quality and style is important.  Looking good can rub off on how one plays; and if you are looking for a shoe bag with style and panache, look no further than Scottish designer Catherine Aitken’s gorgeous golf shoe bag.  It is currently available in three beautiful cloth designs – Green Herringbone with Overcheck; Classic Grey Herringbone and Yellow Macleod Tartan.

This premium quality golf shoe bag is created from handwoven Harris Tweed and lined in premium strong and durable waterproof waxed cotton with antique effect.  It comes complete with a strong zip closure with leather pull tag, and a leather handle that can also be used as a hanger.

If you want to set yourself apart from the crowd in your local golf club or simply looking for something a little more unique that oozes class and classic style, look no further than the Catherine Aitken collection.  But be aware, this item only fits up to UK shoe size 11.

At the time of writing this article the Catherine Aitken website was offering free UK delivery.

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5 things you need to know before buying golf sunglasses

Sunglasses do far more than just making look like a pro, they’re one golf accessory that can help improve your game throughout the summer months and offer protection from harmful rays.

Designed especially for players to help distinguish between greens and fairways, follow the ball whilst it’s in-flight and most importantly, not interfere with your swing – a good pair of golf shades will improve your performance and enhance your game!

There are 5 specific features golfers should look for when purchasing a new pair on sunglasses, so before you splash out on a new pair of shades this summer take a second to read through these top tips from golf clothing store

  1. 1. Lens colour
    The colour of a lens is very important when selecting your new sunglasses. Many of our customers often ask “What are the best coloured lenses for golf” – and the honest answer is, there are a range of different colours that are great for golf! Any lens that absorbs blue light will help distinguish greens, and follow a ball in-flight as the blue of the sky is muted.

    Brown / Amber Lens
    Brown or amber lenses create a better contrast between dark and light colors. With a brown lend, your vision may appear sharper, especially when viewing objects against the green gras. Brown lenses are also particularly good at blocking blue light that occurs on cloudy, overcast days.

    Purple Lens
    this colour will make the ball appear more visible against a green background and allow you to easily track the ball accurately throughout the game, violet is also a soothing colour making you feel more relaxed!

    Yellow /Orange Lens

    Yellow or orange tints help reduce glare and contrast. These bright colours are also particularly good for hazy, foggy mornings.

    Mirror Lens
    Mirror Lens are often a popular choice for many golfers, as many offer 100% UV Protection and the highly reflective lens greatly reduces the amount of light that reaches the eyes – plus they look pretty cool too!

    Oakley has a great selection of golf sunglasses and colour variations that the team here at Function18 highly recommend.

2 Fitted frames
Improper fitting glasses can be detrimental to your golf game and frames should have adjustable nose clips and arms to ensure they do not slide down when taking a swing. Here at Function18, we offer a range of frames for different shaped faces and many of these glasses also offer non-slip coatings for the ears and temples.

3 UV protection
Golf sunglasses should offer 100% protection from harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer, cataracts or macular degeneration. Protection from 400 nanometers of radiation is usually offered by quality glasses and will block out the most damaging of rays effectively.

4 Frame styles
The style of frame is also important and wrap around frames can offer increased protection from the elements. Ensure your frame does not interfere with your swing and look for glasses that do not distort your short or long range view.

5 Polarized Golf Sunglasses

Specially designed to adapt to changing weather conditions, polarized golf sunglasses allow you to always have the best focus when you play. Tinted lenses will provide some absorption to dampen brightness, but only polarized lens can effectively eliminate blinding glare that can affect your game!

If you’re not sold on polarized lens, here are 5 reasons why they are essential for the green:
– Helps improve visual comfort
– Dramatically improves contrast and visual clarity
– Reduces eyestrain
– Allows for true perception of bold colours
– Reduces reflections and eliminates glare

Do you have any top tips when it come to golf sunglasses? Which colour lens’s to you prefer?

A golfer’s guide on what to ask for this Christmas

If you’re reading this blog post, it’s fair to say you’re a bit of a golfing addict. With the Christmas season rapidly approaching, it’s only a matter of time before you receive the abundance of cheap, tacky golf gifts from friends and family which resemble nothing like you wanted or even asked for.

The fact is, unless you’re married to a golf nut, your other half is unlikely to buy you anything worthwhile or useable. Many of you have probably tried to even provide the exact details of a golf club or caddy, yet more often than not you’ll find something completely different behind the rapping. So why put yourself through all the bother? The key, I have always found, is to know what to ask for so you can’t go wrong.

As a helpful guide, I have provided the presents to avoid asking for the Christmas as well as the gifts that will be a brilliant surprise either way.

What not to ask for:

1. Golf balls

    Golf balls are usually a holiday favourite, and can make a brilliant little stocking filler. However, to the untrained eye every golf ball looks and feels the same and instead of your preferred branded ball behind the rapper, you find ‘value’ golf balls.

    No matter how high or soft you in it, cut it or slide it, values balls manage to just land and bounce on, and on, and on until finally it comes to rest in the nearest pond. Even at that great low price they will end up in a cupboard collecting dust for years to come. So unless your relatives truly know what their looking for, it’s best to leave it off the list.

    2. A driver

      It’s never nice to see a loved one spend hundreds of pounds on a top of the range club, knowing that it’s not right for you. A serious golfer will have a strong bond with their driver and gives them the confidence to play the game to the best of their ability. Although it is a lovely gesture and a brilliant idea, it could potentially be a lot of money spent on something which will never see the light of day.

      What is a safe bet?

      1. Clothing

        Without a doubt there are many golfers out there with their own inimitable style, however more often than not, your partner or family will know what looks good on you. Unlike golfing accessories, this is a far easier item to shop for and even if you do get the odd, unusual item, it’s all part of the sport.

        2. GPS and Laser Range Finders

          Golfing GPS devices and range finders are becoming more and more popular among both amateur and semi-professional players who wish to improve their experience and handicap on the green. GPS systems are like having you very own personal caddy and are designed to guide players around their selected golf course, as well as keeping track of all of your data.

          A quick hint to your loved ones in the direction of some well named products such as Snooper will be all they need to ensure you receive a brilliant golf present. Many sites also offer golfer gift sets this time of year so there really is no reason why you should worry.

          This post was provided by Snooper who specialise in a wide variety of golf products including range finders, Snooper Golf GPS devices, golf trolleys and many more golfing accessories.


          Golf Applications for Your iPhone

          The British weather is slowly beginning to improve; this can only mean the Summer golf season is approaching. To celebrate, we have reviewed some of the top selling golf apps for the iPhone. Each app aspires to improve your game and increase your knowledge of the sport. But which are worth trying and which are best to avoid?

          1. Tiger Woods: My Swing

          What is it?

          An app aimed at helping you perfect your swing. Its association with Tiger Woods has made it one of the best selling in the genre, (possibly because it lets you compare your swing to the man himself.) Other features include self record option, swing analysis tips and video updates from Tiger.

          Golfer Rating 4/5: At £5.99, this app is on the expensive side, but the fresh approach and helpful tips more than make up for it. Golfers of all abilities can learn from the advice and the videos are clear and of good quality.

          Golfer Verdict: A good choice for Tiger fans!

          2. Golf Magazine Front9

          What is it?

          Each week Golf Magazine Front9 updates with the top 9 stories in the golfing world. The app displays links that take you to relevant websites with the latest news bulletins. The content includes articles on golf equipment, gadgets, competitions and courses.

          Golfer Rating 3/5: The app is easy to use, stylish and offers some interesting golf updates. However, many of the news stories are easily found on the internet, which may lead you to wonder if it’s worth having.

          Golfer Verdict: Useful way of collecting golf news on-the-go.

          3. GolfLogix: Golf GPS

          What is it?

          Like a professional golf GPS, this app gives you yardage, course information and stat-tracking options. An upgrade can be paid for to receive enhanced features and hole guidance.

          Golfer Rating: 1/5 unless you pay the costly subscription fee, this app is pretty pointless. Very little of the features can be used with the free version, so users are persuaded to upgrade. However, even after subscribing the graphics are disappointing and the information is limited.

          Golfer Verdict:
          We recommend investing in a quality Golf GPS rather than becoming distracted by this app. For GPS rangefinders and Shot Savers visit Snooper is a leading supplier of satellite navigation technology that is designed to help you progress your golf game. This includes the Snooper range of rangefinders and Shot Savers, which are available to buy online.



          BMW Golf Cart Bag review

          BMW Golf Cart Bag
          BMW Golf Cart Bag

          The BMW Golf Cart Bag comes in a stylish, soft leather-look white plastic.  It will certainly help you stand-out on the 1st tee. But will it help my golf?

          As well as its sporty and elegant good looks, the BMW Golf Cart Bag is big on space and includes no less than eleven functional compartments that provide ample storage space for everything a golfer may need to play a round of golf in any season, home or abroad.

          The spacious club compartment is sub-divided into seven individual sections, offering the golfer easy access and organisation of driver, woods, irons and putter.

          Valuables can be safely stored in a fleece-lined pocket, and a rain hood can be quickly attached to protect your clubs from the rain.

          There is an ingenious way of securing the bag to a buggy or cart by way of the two small perforated pockets either side of the rugged handle which can be lifted to reveal fabric loops to fasten the top cart strap tighter than with other golf bags I have used, where a strap simply goes over pockets and handle, and in some cases works itself loose during a round.

          Two silver lined pockets to keep drinks or food cold are something I am surprised is not part of all good quality golf bags.  The two pockets, one either side are very deep and are most definitely a big plus for me.

          The durable rubber and plastic handle with its ergonomic grip makes the bag easy to carry when not using the padded shoulder strap. The shoulder strap can be completely removed by unfastening a buckle.  This is another good feature of the BMW golf bag.  I have never walked around a golf course with a large cart bag using the shoulder strap.  It simply gets in the way and sometimes drags on the floor.  With this bag I would remove it and keep it in one of the eleven pockets, in case of emergencies.

          With some other golf cart bags that attempt to include so many zipped pockets, access can be a problem once your bag is strapped to a cart.  But the MW Golf Cart Bag offers access all areas, at all times.  A great design and a cool looking bag which may not help my golf, but will help carry and organise everything I need on a golf course?

          The entire BMW Golfsport Collection is available at select BMW dealers and on the BMW website.

          The BMW Golf Bag is priced at £149 rrp.