Tiger Woods hopes to be out of the wood

Playing at the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Florida this weekend, former world number one, Tiger Woods, has stated that he will not be satisfied come Monday; even if he wins the event and finds himself back in the number one spot.

With 23-year old Rory McIlroy not playing at the event, Woods is in good stead to win the invitational and reclaim the number one spot; a place that Woods’ name has not featured since October 2010.

Speaking at a press conference earlier in the week, Tiger Woods said:

“I don’t want to be as good as I once was, I want to become better.”

The 14-time major winner has previously spent a record 623 weeks as world number one and has already this year won two of the four major events in which he has played.

Having already won at Doral and at Torrey Pines in January, bookmakers have placed Woods as the favourite to claim victory this weekend.

Speaking about the invitational, Woods said:

“Just got to win this week, not too complicated.

“Things are still becoming more efficient. You know, these two wins I’ve had this year have been built [on] some nice leads, which means I’ve played really well and things are starting to come around and become more efficient day in and day out.”

With the 37-year old eyeing up yet another title, both golf commentators and ex-professionals are predicting victory for the former world number one.

The BBC’s Golf correspondent, Iain Carter wrote:

“The 23-year-old’s closing 65 at Doral and top-eight finish were evidence that he is ready to play competitive golf rather than a game of rediscovering his swing.

“It is a big step in the right direction. Indeed, McIlroy and Woods are on the same road in that regard – all be it with the American in a more advanced position.”

To support Carter’s prediction, 83-year old and seven majors champion, Arnold Palmer, believes that Woods is already back to his best.

Speaking to the Golf Channel he said:

“He looks probably as strong and as good from a golf perspective as I’ve ever seen him.

“I think his swing and his posture and his attitude is far better than it’s been in some time, and it takes me back to when I first played with him at Augusta when he was a rookie.”

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