The Lorena Ochoa Invitational Golf Tournament

The sixth edition of the Lorena Ochoa Invitational tournament was presented this week.  It will be held at Guadalajara Country Club from 11th – 17th November.

This event will have the top 5 players of the LPGA Tour, including the defending champion Christie Kerr.  The Mexican Alejandra Llaneza and American Michel Wie are amongst the other five other special guests.

Golf became one of the most important sports in Mexico after Lorena Ochoa’s success on the LPGA. A lot of people started following it and even started visiting sports betting sites to put money on her.

The realization of the tournament next season was in question, but the lack of support from Jalisco government for the next year edition won affect the tournament, said the ex-number one golfer.

“It’s really sad that the state will be no supporting us, and we want the tournament to last many years said Ochoa.

The contract between LPGA and Ochoa Sports finishes on 2014, but both parts want to get a new a deal and continue with the tournament.

“From the beginning we wanted to do a premium event and the LPGA assigned it to us. It’s the only event in the whole calendar that has the name of a player, and also limited to the top 26 of the world; it’s the most exclusive event of the year”, mentioned Alejandro Ochoa, chief executive of the tournament.

This tournament began in 2008 and has been won by American players Angela Stanford, Michel Wie and Christie Kerr in the last three years. South Korean In-Kyung Kim and Scottish Catriona Matthew are the other winners. Stafford has the current field record with 63 strokes, nine under par.

Ochoa, who won 27 tournaments and was selected Player of the Year four times (2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009), said that this event is not only for Guadalajara, but represents Mexico all over the world.