A golfer’s guide on what to ask for this Christmas

If you’re reading this blog post, it’s fair to say you’re a bit of a golfing addict. With the Christmas season rapidly approaching, it’s only a matter of time before you receive the abundance of cheap, tacky golf gifts from friends and family which resemble nothing like you wanted or even asked for.

The fact is, unless you’re married to a golf nut, your other half is unlikely to buy you anything worthwhile or useable. Many of you have probably tried to even provide the exact details of a golf club or caddy, yet more often than not you’ll find something completely different behind the rapping. So why put yourself through all the bother? The key, I have always found, is to know what to ask for so you can’t go wrong.

As a helpful guide, I have provided the presents to avoid asking for the Christmas as well as the gifts that will be a brilliant surprise either way.

What not to ask for:

1. Golf balls

    Golf balls are usually a holiday favourite, and can make a brilliant little stocking filler. However, to the untrained eye every golf ball looks and feels the same and instead of your preferred branded ball behind the rapper, you find ‘value’ golf balls.

    No matter how high or soft you in it, cut it or slide it, values balls manage to just land and bounce on, and on, and on until finally it comes to rest in the nearest pond. Even at that great low price they will end up in a cupboard collecting dust for years to come. So unless your relatives truly know what their looking for, it’s best to leave it off the list.

    2. A driver

      It’s never nice to see a loved one spend hundreds of pounds on a top of the range club, knowing that it’s not right for you. A serious golfer will have a strong bond with their driver and gives them the confidence to play the game to the best of their ability. Although it is a lovely gesture and a brilliant idea, it could potentially be a lot of money spent on something which will never see the light of day.

      What is a safe bet?

      1. Clothing

        Without a doubt there are many golfers out there with their own inimitable style, however more often than not, your partner or family will know what looks good on you. Unlike golfing accessories, this is a far easier item to shop for and even if you do get the odd, unusual item, it’s all part of the sport.

        2. GPS and Laser Range Finders

          Golfing GPS devices and range finders are becoming more and more popular among both amateur and semi-professional players who wish to improve their experience and handicap on the green. GPS systems are like having you very own personal caddy and are designed to guide players around their selected golf course, as well as keeping track of all of your data.

          A quick hint to your loved ones in the direction of some well named products such as Snooper will be all they need to ensure you receive a brilliant golf present. Many sites also offer golfer gift sets this time of year so there really is no reason why you should worry.

          This post was provided by Snooper who specialise in a wide variety of golf products including range finders, Snooper Golf GPS devices, golf trolleys and many more golfing accessories.


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